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New Layout

Got a new Layout up, simple but effective i think...after's about the band. =)
22.1.07 20:23

Tour Update!!!

Ok...the dates for this years Jaegermeister Music Tour have been confirmed and you can check them here.
22.1.07 19:42


So far I got everything set up on here to where you can watch some videos, shop a little and of course read a lot about the band, including the Tours, Biograpgy and stuff. So have a look around and enjoy Lacuna Coil
10.12.06 21:38


If you have come here and have no idea who Lacuna Coil are then an introduction is required. Lacuna Coil are an Italian band with a truely unique, and ethereal, sound. They are one of the hardest working acts around today and since their first EP in 1998, they have released four full albums; their latest being 'Karmacode', and have attracted thousands of fans across the globe.

10.12.06 19:45